Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance on your product handling systems is a critical requirement of keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency.  Unscheduled downtime of these systems can result in production stops, idle employees, late shipments to customers, and significant costs for emergency repairs. 

With over 30 years of experience in the systems integration and controls industry, MMCI offers your business the technical expertise to service your product handling equipment safely, efficiently, and effectively.  MMCI service can include but is not limited to:

  • Conventional Palletizing Systemsconveyor belt repair
  • Robotic Palletizing Systems
  • Pick and Place Systems
  • Packaging Systems
  • Conveyor Belts & Systems
  • Sortation Systems
  • Load Transfer Stations
  • Storage Systems & Vertical Lift Modules
  • Stretch Wrappers

Available on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis, our factory-trained technicians inspect each piece of equipment and proactively address those minor maintenance issues before they escalate into expensive and unplanned outages.  This process starts with a complete inspection of your material handling system that can include:

  • Listen to everything for unusual noises or vibrations
  • Visually inspect to see that conveyor belts are clean and free of debris
  • Check that all safety guards are in place
  • Inspect drives, sprockets, chains, bearings, belts, tracking, roller, etc
  • Make adjustments and re-tightening assemblies
  • Identify faulty and worn parts
  • Identify potential safety hazards
  • Check that all tools and foreign objects have not been left on or inside equipment
  • Provide list of recommended parts to be replaced
  • Provide a quote of those parts and the associated labor that needs replaced