Case Studies

These case studies provide a quick and accurate overview of our recent accomplishments. Scroll down to read more about the work we've completed:

MMCI solves challenging problem associated with palletizing oversized products

When your manufacturing process requires you to move oversized pallets and heavy loads, it can present extra engineering challenges. Such was the case when a Midwest manufacturer of pre-fabricated storage facilities needed some heavy duty ideas to improve their workplace environment. Stuck for a solution, they called on MMCI.

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New Line Features Multiple Conveyors and High Speed Case Palletizer

When a major manufacturer of beverage products, located in Indiana, needed to expand their market share in the adult beverage business, they turned to MMCI to engineer a brand new, custom filling and packaging line.

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beverage filling line

Integration of Activated Roller Belt Sorting Technology Solves Problem

In the highly competitive food industry, rolling out a new product launch means timing is everything. Often times the plant may find themselves in a situation where they need to react - and quickly. In this case, it was the nation's largest food manufacturer who needed to make certain product was on the store shelves to coincide with the launch. But the demanding timeframes and complicated engineering was no match for the creative solutions MMCI was prepared to offer.

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Does Maintenance Really Matter?

Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance on your product handling systems is a critical requirement of keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency. Unscheduled downtime of these systems can result in production stops, idle employees, late shipments to customers, and significant costs for emergency repairs.  So, yes, most facility managers would agree, maintenance really matters.  And, if you have to ask when the last time your controls, conveyors, and other key system components were inspected and’s time.

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MMCI provides preventative maintenance service

Global Electronics DC Takes Phased Approach to Improvements 

In 2012, a global electronic distribution center was experiencing a problem not all companies are lucky enough to have in their lifetime.  They had recently had the good-fortune of their business volume increasing dramatically, to levels they had never before experienced.  But with this rapid growth, came overnight growing pains when they quickly realized their current material handling equipment and system wasn’t fulfilling their obligations and commitments to customers as quickly and efficiently as they would like.


A Sound Move from The Northeast – Managing Material Flow 

In 2012, an electronics company based in the Northeastern portion of the United States needed to improve the movement/flow of their materials as well as create more space in the future to accommodate their steady growth. MMCI was tasked by the customer to assist in creating and integrating a design that would; provide a safe work environment while providing the necessary flow and storage functionality for multiple SKUs and their assembly tasks, concurrently planning for growth and expansion in the future.