Material Handling Systems Automation

MMCI specializes in the design and integration of complex automated material handling systems aimed at optimizing operations and increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Our unique process promotes understanding of the full range of systems options to help determine the best solution for your operation.

Automating your new or existing facility is great solution that offers flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to your current space. It is a long-term fix, yielding a short-term ROI and a sustainable business value.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making or just storing and reselling; cars, food products, or widgets or warehousing and shipping shoes, wheelbarrows, or computers – every warehouse deserves automation. 

Automating an existing or new warehouse or manufacturing facility is a solution that offers flexibility and adaptability while providing a long-term opportunity for increased efficiency and throughput.


robotics systems integration
Storage systems automation using Modula VLMs.