Robotic Systems

Robotics are being integrated into today's material handling systems at a faster rate than ever before.  The reality is that few people in today's society embrace jobs that consist of highly repetitive tasks especially if these tasks require the lifting of heavy cases, bags or other items.

With the integration of robotics into a material handling system, we can eliminate these dangerous and boring jobs.  Plus, robots can work 24/7 and require very little downtime or maintenance resulting in both costs savings and increases in productivity.

Over the years, robotics became such a significant part of our business at MMCI that we developed an entire business unit to focus on robotic applications.  This business, MMCI Robotics, has since engaged in the integration of numerous robotic solutions and established itself as an authorized integrator of FANUC robotic systems.

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Robotic Solutions

Custom design, engineering and manufacturing of industrial robotic solutions.