About MMCI

material handling systemsMMCI specializes in the design and integration of complex automated material handling systems aimed at optimizing operations and increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Our unique process promotes understanding of the full range of systems options to help determine the best solution for your operation.

With over 30 years of a shared passion for problem solving, our systems engineers and designers have a deep understanding of the well-established and cutting edge material handling manufacturers and processes available today.  From that understanding we develop solutions to help our customers increase their operational efficiency, safety and reduce costs, helping them succeed and grow, both now, and in the future. 

Because no matter the systems integration challenge, we know you have a lot on the line. We invite you to leverage our decades of experience to develop your solution – the right way, the MMCI way.

  • Design Systems
  • Select Equipment
  • Coordinate Controls
  • Integrate Software
  • Manage Installation
  • Provide Ongoing Support

Customer Testimonial

Our project gave us the opportunity to custom design something quite unique. The entire pre-fab storage unit is grouped and boxed during our packaging process, but then workers were left with getting these awkward and very heavy finished cartons off the line. It literally took two or more men and was risky work. With our new automated solution, the heavy lifting is off their plate and the entire process runs smoothly."

- Bob B.